Easy to Make Dessert – Greek Yogurt Frozen Banana Bites

Little life update: My in-laws are currently living with me. They uprooted their lives in Colorado, moved across the country to the great state of Missouri, and are living with us while they look for a new place to live (Hi guys!). Being a true midwest hostess, I am now cooking non-stop. I can’t possibly let guests in my house go hungry! That means homemade breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. 

The first couple weeks of non-stop dessert was non-stop fun (stay tuned for a microwavable brownie in a mug recipe). But I’m afraid our waistlines are starting to pay the price. So I asked myself, what is a delicious, easy to make dessert that was also on the healthy side? Viola – greek yogurt frozen banana bites. 

Greek yogurt frozen banana bites are perfect if you are looking for a healthy, easy to make dessert or snack. This yummy recipe requires two ingredients (plus additional toppings) and can be ready for the freezer in less than 5 minutes. They taste like small bites of ice cream, but you get to skip the calories and guilt. Let’s look at some tips to help with this Easy to Make Dessert – Greek Yogurt Frozen Banana Bites.

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What Makes This Recipe So Special?

I started out making chocolate covered frozen banana bites, but I wanted to find a way to make this even easier (have I mentioned that I’m cooking a LOT lately?) and healthier. Why go to the effort to melt chocolate when I can simply open a container of greek yogurt? That’s right, this delicious, easy to make dessert is simply banana and greek yogurt (plus whatever tasty toppings you want to use). 

Easy to make dessert – greek yogurt frozen banana bites is also the perfect summer dessert. Hot days call for cool treats. These greek yogurt banana bites are the perfect summer replacement for ice cream. We love to sitting out on the patio munching on these banana bites (swatting away at misquitos – another vital part of summer in the midwest).

While this might be the easiest dessert ever made, it is not taking shortcuts on taste. This delicious, healthy dessert tastes like small bites of ice cream, but you get to skip the calories and guilt. Instead you get all the healthy nutrients and antioxidants from bananas and the protein and probiotics from the greek yogurt. Sometimes the easiest option is the best one.

We love bananas because they are the perfect sweetener. They are our favorite sugar substitute (check out some of our favorite recipes: Easy, Extra Fudgy, Vegan Banana Brownies, Guilt Free, All-Natural, Healthy Banana Bread Bonanza, and Lemon Berry High Protein Muffins (Sugar Free, Gluten Free). Usually bananas are hidden in our recipes, but now they are finally the star of the show.

Health Benefits of Bananas and Greek Yogurt

According to Healthline “11 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Bananas,” bananas are packed with antioxidants and nutrients. They are loaded with fiber and potassium (so people on dialysis should probably avoid. Talk to your renal dietician). Bananas can help blood sugar levels (although possibly not for diabetics), improve digestion, control blood pressure, and may even help with weight loss. Go ahead, have a few more bites!

Greek yogurt is also an award winning food. According to Healthline “8 Ways Greek Yogurt Benefits Your Health” (yes, we do love Healthline), greek yogurt is a great source of nutrients. Greek yogurt is a good source of calcium, probiotics, protein, and vitamin 12, and potassium. Healthline reports that potassium may help your body get rid of excess sodium, so it may help your blood pressure. Friendly reminder to always talk to your doctor or registered dietitian to learn which foods are healthiest for you.

Easy to Make Dessert for All Ages

Kids will have a blast making these greek yogurt frozen banana bites. Just help with the slicing, and kids will have fun dipping the bananas and picking out their favorite toppings. They will also love eating them because they taste just like their favorite yummy ice cream snack. Win win – you just entertained your child with an easy, low mess activity and tricked them into eating something healthy (pretty sure Michael Scott would say this is a “win win win” scenario because you also win by sharing in the deliciousness).

Just because it is perfect for kids, doesn’t mean that adults can’t enjoy them. I love to set out a plate after dinner. Everyone grabs a couple of slices and feels like their sweet tooth has been satisfied (it might even satisfy Lu’s sweet teeth).

A Few Notes About This Easy To Make Dessert – Greek Yogurt Frozen Banana Bites

  • Slice bananas into thin slices. I usually aim for a thickness of ~5-7mm, about the same thickness as a pencil.
  • Use a fork to help dip/remove your banana slice in the greek yogurt.
  • No need to freeze the bananas before you dip them. But if you do want to freeze the bananas first, make sure you peel and slice them before freezing.
  • Careful not to use bananas that are too ripe. Save bananas that have started to brown and use them as a sugar substitute (they would be great in Everything Zucchini Bread Your New Favorite (Vegan).
  • Line a plate or cooking sheet with wax paper. Place dipped slices on the waxed paper. I recommend setting this up before you start dipping.
  • Freeze for at least 1.5 hours. The more you freeze them, the harder they get. My husband prefers them when they are still a bit not the softer side (~1.5 hours). But my in-laws and I prefer them when they are “solid.”
  • Have fun with your toppings: sprinkles, chopped nuts, chocolate drizzle, peanut butter, coconut, marshmallows, chocolate or butterscotch chip, raisins, etc.
  • I make my chocolate drizzle with â…“ cup chocolate chips melted in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time. Stir in a splash of olive oil and stir well. This helps it drizzle a bit easier.
  • To make sure you topping “pieces” stick to the greek yogurt, add them immediately (do not place in freezer first). I drizzle melted chocolate or peanut butter before freezing. But if you want to put a “blob” of peanut butter or chocolate, it may be easier to freeze for an hour first.
  • I use vanilla greek yogurt, but the world is your vegetarian oyster replacement! Grab your favorite flavor or mix and match.
  • Serve banana bites immediately when you take them out of the freezer. They start to thaw quickly.
  • If your frozen banana bites are stuck to your wax paper when you remove it from the freezer, run a little hot water on the back of your plate/tray. This will help loosen it.
  • You will get frozen yogurt remnants on your fingers. So have a napkin nearby or be ready to lick!

Easy to Make Dessert – Greek Yogurt Frozen Banana Bites

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Healthy, easy to make dessert that can be ready for the freezer in under 5 minutes. Tastes like ice cream, but without the calories or guilt. Have fun mixing and matching the yogurt flavors and toppings.


  • 3 whole 3 3 bananas

  • 1 1/4 cups 1 1/4 Greek yogurt

  • 1/4 cup 1/4 your choice toppings (sprinkles, chopped nuts, chocolate drizzle, peanut butter, coconut, marshmallows, chocolate or butterscotch chip, raisins, etc.)


  • Line plate or baking try with wax paper. Make sure this will fit in your freezer.
  • Peel and slice bananas to your desired thickness (5-7mm).
  • Use fork to dip banana slices into greek yogurt. Cover evenly and place on wax paper.
  • Sprinkle with desired toppings. Freeze for at least 2 hours. Serve and enjoy!


  • To make sure you topping “pieces” stick to the greek yogurt, add it immediately (do not place in freezer first).
  • Serve immediately – they will start to thaw quickly.

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