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View of toppings on the vegetarian grape pizza after it is cooked and ready to eat
Plant-Based, Vegetarian

Vegetarian Grape Pizza – Your New Favorite

Which side of the great pineapple pizza debate do you fall on? Some people love this fruit on pizza. I’m ashamed to say that spouse is one of those weirdos. I’m certainly on the anti-pineapple side. Pineapple is perfect exactly how it is. You take away it’s deliciousness when you warm it up on pizza. […]

Plant-Based, Vegan

Sugar Free Strawberry Pancakes – Healthy and Scrumptious (Vegan)

Blueberries, bananas, chocolate chips…those are the usual suspects when it comes to pancakes. While my husband and I had our 98th discussion about which addition makes the best pancake, I decided it was time to mix it up. Hello, sugar free strawberry pancakes! My college roommate taught me the best pancake recipe.  Her dad would […]